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The Search for the Best Essay Writing Website

When I first typed in “resume writing service” on the net, I could not believe how many choices there were. For someone who wants to get a product quickly, it’s best to have a group of exceptional choices that has a rating system with reviews instead.

For this very purpose, I decided to minimize the stress of looking through thousands of articles by writing a review three of the top services on the online market.


Clearly, the main focus of this company is producing resumes and CV’s for different types of clients. According to the site, they don’t just have an army of writers ready to produce a resume at a moment’s notice. They also have designers, human resources experts, and even recruitment specialists. Customer reviews looked promising as well, with both students and professionals commending the company on their exceptional service.

When I received the products, I was quite impressed. It looked better than my original resume, especially with the formatting that they applied. As for the prices, I would say that I got my money’s worth. It was fairer than any of the other sites I encountered and they delivered on time as well. They also offer coupon codes if you subscribe to their mailing list. Also, if you happen to come across a promo code, the site acknowledges it. My final verdict: You’ll get that dream job if you order a resume from Resume.Expert.

Now, for this site, I decided to order an essay fit for an undergraduate college student. They specialize in academic papers for high school students up to graduate school students. Before I could order, I checked their website to see if I could order something else. Unfortunately, something wasn’t right with the information stated on the landing page. Another site said that they had been open for 10 years, but the site I was on said they have been operating for 8 years. It could have been a web developer and copy issue, but that says a lot about a company. If they can’t update their website on time, how can I trust them to update my project on time? Luckily, the website was not designed for fraud or scams.

Still, the essay I ordered was well-written, in terms of grammar, punctuation, syntax, etc. The only issue was that the content seemed to have been sourced from a high-school grade resource, rather than a higher education resource like or something like that. My fear about deadlines were unfounded, however, since I received the paper on time. My last issue with them is that I feel that they overcharged for the paper, considering that the content was below the academic level I asked for. Although they offered discounts, it was apparently deactivated long before I visited their site.

I found this site among the list down the line. It seems that they are new to the industry – there were not enough testimonials look at – which could go both ways for me. Either they’ll deliver a low-quality paper because of a lack of experience, or they might be a company duping people into ordering papers without delivering it. They claimed to write different types of academic writing products, such as essays, theses, and dissertations. This time, I decided to ask for a thesis in order to gauge their ability to tackle a huge amount of work.

I talked to their representatives, who answered all of my questions politely. I gave them the details for what I wanted to order and patiently waited for it to arrive. While I was waiting, I decide to check their site and see what else I could glean from them. Apparently, I might have just wasted my money considering the state of their site. There were many grammatical errors and it seemed like they were written by non-English speaking writers. When I finally got my thesis, I was sad to find out that I was write. It was low in quality and filled with mistakes that I had to correct on my own, had I actually needed to submit it.

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